Bugs or what?


Today, very frequent Glide turn up like this (first image).
I have to reload so many times. I’ve check my internet connection, no problem with that.
Can i know why?
Especially when i click edit action as second image and it turn up like the third image.
Like until now the screen is blank. Other site works fine. It turns to be ok for a while when I reload.

Taste exchange browser or create duplicate of the app and try again

My experience has been that the bigger and more complex your app gets, the more likely this is to happen. I have a couple of very large/complex apps where this happens a lot. I’ve just learned to live with it, and trust that the Glide team will sort it out eventually.


Same here @Mark @George-Glide. Everytime I open an app it takes a life to load… and most of time I have to click to reload the app (1 or more times) till it get it completed loaded.

Take a look:


Could you give me a support link to an app where that happens particularly often, please?