BUG with Dates in data editor

Hi Glide team,

I found a wierd bug with the way glide read dates from google sheets.

When I use the numeric value of a date (for some reason my sheet is showing for new rows the numeric value and not the date format althought the column’s format is set to date format) glide is reading the value wrongly.
in the example below the value in my sheet is 44256.92696 which if you format it as date is equal to 2021-03-01T22:14:49.069Z but when I look at the data in the data editor wnd the column is set to date glide read it as 1/1/1970, 12:00AM

this is the sheet: (the function in column C determine if the user entered manual date (using date picker) in column B and takes it or else use column A (which is the “current date/time”) is ARRAYFORMULA(IF(B2:B="",A2:A,B2:B)):

the data as shown in the data editor:

as glide read this wrong my sorting and calculation based on this column are not wotking correctly.

if I copy the format of the cell above and replace the format from nu,bers to date glide read it correctly (not changing the value - just the format)



appreciate your help in solving this.


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I am having the same issue. I hope someone could reply to this soon. My app isn’t reading the date correctly that’s chosen with the date picker. I have set the formats to read ex: August 8, 2020 but it shows up like this 2021-08-05T00:00:00.000Z.

This is an issue because I’m using a relation that reads the date entered as the format above.

Yes I have been having the same issues with date and it seems that the format xx/xx/xxxx xx:xx:xx is the best to overcome the pb of date between glide and sheet.

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@Darren_Murphy hey would you be able to help these folks here? I’m not sure that they’ve found the post we’re currently communicating on but they seem to be having the same issue I’m having as well.

Thanks for your help!