Bug basic table

I have a strange behavior with a “Basic Table” it displays then it disappears, whereas it should not appear since it is empty ???

has anyone ever had this, @Mark ?


Well, after some research, I found the origin of the bug.
If you use a “Set Columns” action with “Clear Values” the table is displayed and then turned off

Thanks for spotting this. I’ll bring it to the attention of Glides’ Engineering team and see what they can do about it.

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@Manu.n Are there any visibility conditions set on that basic table or are you relying on the values of the items in the table to all be blank for it to not show?

no there are no visibility conditions and yes, like the set of components if they are empty they are not displayed

Interesting. In my test app the Basic table shows even if there are blanks for all three of the values of the table. I have a Ticket started. We’ll see what Engineering uncovers.

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I’ve always seen that if all the values ​​are empty the table won’t show, (or one value for a row).

We have a fix for this that will be released out by the end of this week! :slightly_smiling_face:


The problem is now fixed.
Thank you :slight_smile: