Boolean column bug

I am using button with increment functionality to set the boolean column from 0 to 1 to trigger certain visibility.

It works fine but in the data editor it doesn’t tick the box. I also have if and else column that gets value when the boolean is set to 1 which is true.

again the functionality work since the tab that I am targeting is showing up but it doesn’t capture it in the data editor. that it activated the boolean column.

I’m not sure if glide treats 1 and 0 as true and false. I could be wrong. You might be better off using an if then column to convert the 1 and 0 to ‘true’ and ‘false’.

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Yes, it does

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Instead of using the visibility when is equals 1 or 0, try to use equals 1 or doesn’t equals to 1

In Data editor could show the boolean, but in the sheets is empty. That’s how I and @Jeff_Hager use and it’s the best way


I triend the true and false but it didn’t change , compared to 1 and 0

oopsss… ok misread this i’ll try to do this converting the 1-0 to true or false base on the if and else column