Blank rows inserted - Actions execution order

I’m going to have quite a few of these in the next few weeks because I started testing my app.

I am inserting rows and then clearing the inserted text in the column so it is blank for the next insert, and often I get a blank value inserted.
that indicates that the actions are not executed in the correct order.
some sort of delay(?)
This is a big problem because in my app I also use a flow of actions and set values of parent Id’s in new inserted rows, and when that value isn’t inserted that creates a big mess.

please see this video:


Support link: Glide

Thank you

I raised this issue many many months ago. And I’ve seen others raise similar questions, but I’ve never seen a really good or satisfying answer.

As far as I’ve been able to figure out, there is no guarantee that actions will fire in the order that you arrange them in (although often it appears that they do). Nor will actions wait for previous actions to finish.

I hate the guesswork that’s involved with this. It would be nice to understand what the expected behaviour should be - at least then we (as app developers) could build flows to take that into account.


Maybe If we could add condition and timeouts in mid action flow we would be able to check values before we proceed to the next action?

Vote for it :wink:

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@Lin_Altshuler One thing you could do, is perform the clear when going into the form instead of when you submit the form. So once you submit, the user specific columns will still be filled, but the next time you open the form, that is when it will clear the fields. I’ve done it both ways depending on the situation.

Sometimes I like to keep the the values filled, so I can back out of the form temporarily, or they are still available if the app happens to restart for some reason. In those cases I have done the clear during the submit and so far I haven’t run into issues :crossed_fingers: . I’ve also added a button to clear values if I want to start over. But if I didn’t need to leave the form or worry about coming back into a partially filled form, then I do the clear on the way into the form.

@Darren_Murphy I agree. There are some aspects about glide that I wish they would explain to us, like how actions are actually executed. Some of the underlying flow is a big mystery. At most, we are guessing how some if this stuff works…especially when it doesn’t work as expected…but it’s hard to know if we are making correct assumptions.


I will do that. Thanks

But I’m still running into a lot of issues and almost all of them are related to updating data either in GS or even Glide tables.
Adding or deleting rows is the most problematic aspect.
There is huge delay in performing those actions even to Glide tables and not to mention to GS…

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