Barcode Scanner Missing?

Barcode Scanner is not displaying in app no matter where I place it, with no visibility requirements, removed and re-added nothing changes it will show as a part of the app but does not show up in the app.

It is working for me.


My app doesn’t even show the button to push. It was there one day gone the next. I have removed it and added it back and still doesn’t show.

@Drearystate are you using it in relation to compact action? I think I had a problem if the condition could not be fulfilled and therefore the barcode scanner never showed up.

Another thing, is the table where you are trying to set the value empty. Could potentially also be a problem

Looks like you don’t have a row to update. Make sure that screen is connected to an existing row.

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There is a row to update. I had to rebuild the page from the button that pushed to the page and it reappeared.