Back button works even after visibility conditions changed

My app’s URL:

I have a back button that will take my user back to a page that no longer passes the (just-updated) visibility conditions.

When my new user first arrives, they can only see the Welcome/Create New Profile page.
When they fill out the data then click a button, the custom action updates a value in the database which will then render that same Welcome page invisible (forever), then sends them to a specific tab.

The problem is when they arrive at that next screen the back button still shows, and clicking on it takes the user back to that Welcome page (which they would otherwise not be able to find/see). I don’t want the user able to go back to that page, it’s meant to be seen only once.

Is there a way to tell Glide to re-check the visibility condition before reloading the back button’s page?
Or to at least disable the back button on the screen I send them to? Or program what screen to send ‘back’ to?

I can add screenshots and steps to reproduce (just let me know), but I am guessing y’all are aware of this one already.

Do you always want the back button to be disabled? We can use CSS to hide the back button.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Android still has an actual back button that can be used in place of the app’s back button. I’ve always viewed any CSS hacks as a way to visually hide the back button, but it still wouldn’t remove the functionality.

I think in a situation like this, it may be better to control tab visibility to hide the welcome tab and show the rest of the tabs. I think this would prevent any ability to navigate back.