Automatic undo on many components

Things are reversing after building

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yes this is going on for a week or two… so annoying!

I guess this is related to the post I added yesterday,Extremely weird behaviour - everything gets undone

I check that link, @david closed the post saying is fixed… no is not! Is still happening, i quit working on my app… most of the time i was redoing what i just did.

I saw what David said, but don’t know…maybe is related, just a guess :grinning:

Can you try restarting your browser? We pushed a fix for this but there may be a caching issue keeping your old version of Glide around.

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Could I please have a support link to an app where this is happening and instructions for how to reproduce it?

it looks like there is no more problems… i’m working for a few hours now, and is all good… plus some other problems disappear that i was complaining long time ago, like populating inline list when conditions are from time driven values

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