Automatic sign out

My app’s URL:

I have a report from user that he needs to sign in each time he open the app.
How to fix it?
And why it happened?

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First, do you have the authentication cookie option set to ask for consent or to always set the cookie?
Second, does the user have a setting to have their browser cache cleared all the time?


I don’t know the settings of user device. my app is public.

Can you comment please?

I don’t know what else to tell you. I just offered those two things to check. Looks like you are always setting the authentication cookie, so that doesn’t look like an issue. I would check with the user to see if they have a browser setting that clears their browser cache regularly.

ok, thank you.

Same happening here,
across multiple users, both Android and iOS.

@11176 any update on how did you fix it?

We cannot reproduce this behavior. The intended behavior is exactly as you would expect from any app—once you sign in, you stay signed in until you sign out.

Chances are, the user’s browser is preventing Glide from saving the signed-in state.

Cheers @david
But this is happening across multiple devices (both Android and iOS)…


Can you share a video showing this happen? It might have a clue to help us fix it.