Are photos' file sizes shrunk / optimized

…when stored on Glide sheets?

Put a different way:

If I, or users of the app upload a 1.4MB image/file, is it stored in Glide sheets @ 1.4MB? And therefore counting toward / against the storage capacity of my plan?

In which case, it would be wise to reduce photo quality (file size) in the phone?


Are image (file) sizes auto-magically reduced on upload? Thereby, freeing up storage space on the Glide sheet plan…?

I haven’t searched for it yet. But, is there a place where I can view my current storage available?..
(like a status bar that one may see for their icloud account storage)

Thanks ahead of time

I think files are stored in their original form. I don’t believe that glide does any post optimization of images after they are uploaded. However, they do optimize images when they are displayed. Depending on the type of component and the type of device, glide will optimize images so they display quickly. They partly use cloudinary for this optimization. But overall, I believe the image is stored in glide’s storage in it’s original size.