App stuck at launch

My app’s URL:
I’m still relatively new to the Glide community but am working on an app that will eventually be deployed nation wide but right now I am just testing the functionality of the app and I am noticing that if I don’t launch the app for a while (as in a week or 2) it no longer seems to load - it shows me the splash screen with the app icon and then goes to a blank white screen and never progresses to the point where it shows my content… the only way that I have figured out to get it to work is to remove the app from the device and reinstall it and then it will work… any thoughts?

This is an app that requires login via a email whitelist and is showing up on iOS…

Your app URL appears to be invisible.

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Sorry - here you go…

Also a picture of the app stuck at launch

So now I kept messing around with it and I just reloaded the app in safari and it asked me to log in again which I did and had to generate a new pin - after that I force closed safari and then retried the app from the home screen and it started working… any ideas what might be happening? Does the login expire? If so should the app not at least show the login screen?

The login does not expire. Are you changing the app URL? That would cause pinned apps to fail.

Not that I know of… I have actually done very little within my dashboard since the last time I launched the app… so pretty sure it’s the same… and I’m still using the same icon (safari shortcut ) as I have always used… surely force quitting safari would not have made the app start working again??

Same here… Was stuck at launch on that white screen. Didn’t change url. Had to delete the shortcut, open the app in safari, get new pin, save the shortcut, open shortcut, get new pin then it worked. Any ideas how to avoid this?

@david did you ever figure anything out on this issue or have any idea what might be causing it? Yesterday it did the same thing but it didn’t stay stuck in the white screen… basically it shows the splash screen, then it showed this blank white screen, and then yesterday it went to a screen that said “signing in” and then on into the app. previously it never proceeded beyond the white screen… hope this helps…