App shows white screen on iOS version < 14

When open app with safari in ios 13.6, just show a white screen.

Yesterday 07/13/2021 it was still Ok but today can not open 07/14/2021.

Any solution?

I have a community of about 100 app users on my app and the exact same thing has begun happening to several of them. Starting on 7/13/2021 a number of our users started reporting blank screens when opening the app (black screens if their safari setting was dark mode, white if light mode). Nothing they could do seemed to get them into the app… completely closing out the app, restarting the phone, even deleting it and trying to re add it as a bookmark. In fact, going to the url directly on any of their mobile browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc) gave them the message “cannot connect to the server”. A few of them upgraded their iOS to 14 and it resolved the issue.

I can’t expect my users to upgrade their iOS to 14 if they don’t feel comfortable doing so. Some folks need legacy apps, they don’t have time to update, like to skip a certain number of versions to be safe. Is this something we need to alert users to? Or is this fixable on Glide’s end? @Mark ?

As an additional data point, I can reproduce this on an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.4.2. Edited to add: also reproducible on another device running 13.0, and iOS simulators running 13.x. This seems to affect every iOS device with an OS below 14.0. From my troubleshooting so far, it appears that it’s successfully connection and negotiating a TLS handshake, but transferring no content. Tried it with and without IPv6 with no change.

I was having this same issue on my iphone 7. I saw on his thread it may be related to needing to upgrade the ioS, so I did…or I thought I upgraded it to iOS14.6, but it actually had an error while upgrading. When I finally got it updated just now, my apps all are loading now just fine. For the last two days it was not. It was just a white screen when opening any apps on my phone and even when going to any glide app URL. So it appears it is only working for ios 14, but the weird thing is none of my users have complained about this. I haven’t reached out to ask, and I would think I would get far more complaints by now, but haven’t heard any yet.

We will run on simulators to see if we can reproduce the issue.

Do you see anything printed on the console that could help us debug the issue?

Not really. I will mess with it some more and see if I can find anything useful. I ran it through Charles Proxy and Wireshark, and I don’t see any data being transferred after the TLS handshake.

I can confirm the behavior in an iOS 12.4 simulator.

Can someone with issues please check if going to (put your app id in there) works for you?

We’ve discovered the issue.

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Hotfix is rolling out. Turns out safari implements media query selectors in a bugger’d manner on older versions of safari. We missed this in testing. Hotfix should be available shortly.


Please Let us know… Thank you

Confirmed fixed here for me. Thanks for the quick attention on it!

it´s working now. Thank you very much.