App has disappeared from dashboard

My app’s URL:

My app has completely disappeared from my dashboard view. I was trying to troubleshoot another bug that was preventing me from signing in/out through the app editor, and after restarting my browser and logging out of Glide, my app is no longer in my dashboard.

Additionally, my account has been reverted to a free membership, despite having paid for a Pro account less than a week ago.

Has anyone experienced this before? I have no way of troubleshooting and this is completely blocking me from making progress on my work.

Few things:

  • There is no signing in and out of apps through the editor. Technically you are always signed into the app. You just change who you are previewing as.

  • Glide accounts don’t become pro accounts. You upgrade each app individually, so a pro account only applies to an individual app.

  • Are you sure you signed into Glide with the same account you used to create your app?

Thanks for the quick reply Jeff! I’ll respond to each bullet:

  • I was having issues getting my user profile to update. The Data tab for the user that I was signed in as was not getting populated with the content that was in my sheet.
  • Good to know!
  • Yes - I’ve attached the invoice I was sent, and I have confirmed that I am logging in with that same Google account

The issue seemed to have occurred after I copied this template: Glide

I know sometimes it can get confusing, but if you are referring to the user profile feature that automatically creates a row for new users in the user profile sheet, then I’ve found it’s easier to sign in through the published url of the app. Otherwise you can manually create the row through the data editor.

As for the app not showing, unless you maybe deleted the app by accident, you may want to contact glide support at and see if they can see what’s happening.

That makes a little more sense for the user sign-in process.

I’m 99% certain I didn’t delete the app and have already submitted a support ticket to I also am 100% confident that I am signing in with the account that I paid for my pro subscription with, and I’m still seeing a progress bar for my free rows on a non-pro membership.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 8.30.49 PM

My only hunch is that somehow when I copied the Concepts app (great template btw @Jeff_Hager), it overwrote the custom app that I was working on. I can still view the app publicly though so not sure if that logic checks out.

I will post back in here when it gets resolved to close out the thread.

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Hopefully they can get it resolved for you.

The Free Rows in your screenshot is only for free apps. You can refer others to earn referral rows for all of your free apps. It has no bearing on Pro Apps. It does not represent a single app since you can have hundreds of apps (free/basic/pro/private) in the same account. It just tells you what you have for your free apps.

I don’t see any reason why copying an app would overwrite another app.

Fingers crossed!

Here is one last screenshot that hopefully clarifies my issue - I should be seeing an app called Offie.

Any chance it’s in your ‘My Team’ team folder? I think Glide is migrating to more of a folder approach if I recall correctly.

Yeah that actually did the trick! I don’t remember ever setting up a “Team”, but Ihink I had a bad case of tunnel vision :sweat_smile:

Well, this is a huge relief. Hopefully, this thread will be of use to others.

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Just for reference to my above statement.

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Thanks again for being so prompt on the forum here. I really wasn’t looking forward to spending a few days in back-and-forth emails with support. Back to work now!

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