App auto log out

My app’s URL:


For some reason, all my iphone customers are being auto logged out since yesterday. Any reason for that?

Thank you

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I have a similar problem with this but it happens to a select few users only. Did you managed to figure out what happened?

More informations are needed on that. Platform ? Download or not ?

So far, the ones that reported this issue said they used Chrome on desktop and on mobile (not sure what device).

I have a few user that are logged into multiple devices, but have not encountered this issue at all.

I’ve been logged in myself for months and have never encountered this too.

So this baffles me a lot.

Sorry, what do you mean by Download?

I mean if the PWA is downloaded on their phone or they’re using the app on the browser only.

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Let me find out further.

Is there any chance that those specific users have there browser set to clear cache periodically? That may automatically log them out.