Apostrophe ' mark is added to GS cells!

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Yep, code can be very particular with data types. Different data type are stored differently in a database depending on their type, because of how a processor and memory works with the data to perform mathematical or string manipulations. In particular numbers can have many different data types. I’ve worked with IBM systems where each byte of a numeric value contains the number as well as a sign. For example 1234 is theoretically stored as +1+2+3+4. IBM does allow you to pack that value and condense it from 4 to 2 bytes if memory would ever be an issue. Point being that integer/decimal values are a whole different animal compared to strings of text. I think Glide is trying to be flexible with those that don’t completely understand data types and their peculiarities. A numeric value is stored very differently from a string value. Throw in integer, big integer, decimal, signed, unsigned, etc. then it gets complicated.

I’m assuming that what glide is doing is checking if a returned value can potentially contain a string (such as blank), and if so it performs a toString to convert it to text, since a value cannot be both an number and text. In this case, I would force the Else to return a number so the entire column is recognized as a number.

I think google sheets does a lot of tricks as well to adapt to users and allow some numeric type functions to work with text based values. Many programming languages are not that flexible and are very strict about allowing mismatched data types to work together.


when I was 13 years old me and my father, were punching paper cards to feed binary code to a computer!
@Jeff_Hager I know you are old school down to basics brilliant mind!
most of today Coders have hard time to find simple solutions because they don’ really understand how computers works… from the real bottom, on the transistors and diodes level.

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If you write “math formula”, anyone is going to understand that your are refering to GS and its formulas. On your APP and your case, you are not using math formulas, you are using an ITE column instead and your GS math/logic formulas are working as expected.


That was I meant in my explanation.

I carried out several tests similar to Jeff ones and everything worked fine, I couldn’t reproduce your case and always got a numeric value into cell.