Any Tips on Getting an App to Work in Cuba?

I am testing out an app that I have been working on for quite some time and one of my associates in Cuba who is trying to access the app continues to get a 403 error even on wifi. Wondering if this might be related to access to Google sheet data through the app or the app itself. Any ideas or tips for making Glide apps work in Cuba?

Still looking for a workaround… any ideas?

I would suggest to write to Glide support.

Two of the company’s most sought-after services — some of which generate the highest figures for Google—, Adsense and Adwords, are blocked for the Cuban people. There is no distinction between State-run companies and self-employed workers. “Error 403” is all you get in Cuba and that takes away a possibility for new companies in the country to make the most of the traffic generated from their websites and monetize those projects, in a context of higher impact of new technologies in Cuba.


Perhaps you can find a vpn provider that allows traffic from cuba and choose a country that is not blocked from the usa.

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Yes… i believe it is because Glide comes preloaded with Google Maps library, it is blocked. Wondering if there is a way to turn that off… doubt it… thanks for your suggestions everyone!

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Please ask your friend to download this browser, the most secure in the world and for bypassing a lot of blocks.

See if you can access the glide link via this.

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thank you for this… i will!

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Hi. I am interested to know if you have any updates regarding the access to your app in Cuba. I am deisgning an app for children there and it involves map. I have to decide the soonest if Glide and its map tools are all together not worth using due to the complication. Did the link shared by Wiz.Wazeer work? Thanks in advance

I decided to go with Fillable Document… I just created the document and sent it to him… when he filled it out, it populated the fields in the app… hope this helps!

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Thanks. I appreciated hearing from you about your experience.