Announcing Glide’s Partner Program 🎉

this is awesome team.
How do we differentiate between a customer using our link and is a referral and a customer that we are building their apps and pages and supporting them ongoing?

I guess I missed this in the explanation of the program.

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@yinon_raviv we won’t distinguish for now, which is one of the benefits of being an Expert :smiley:

Thanks Ian.
What do we need to do to become a partner?
Or because I’m already an expert it’s automatically?
BTW, I sent you and David email which I’ll be you take a look at 2hem you have the time.

@yinon_raviv it’s automatic. Will review the email soon!


Tried to apply but getting a blank page:

Any thoughts?

Click on your profile icon on the top right to create your profile.

@iamtomgray it would help to have a button on the hint text to show user profile screen!

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@Ian :point_up_2:

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Thanks! Yep that’s one for @iamtomgray .

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I will be happy if I can participate in this partner program :+1:


All resolved!

Good call. Yup, all sorted.

Hi everyone,

As many of you will have seen, the partner page has undergone a revamp. If anyone is experiencing any issues, please ping me. For experts, feel free to DM me in Slack :wink:

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