Announcing Glide’s Partner Program 🎉

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce Glide’s new Partner Program!

The Partner Program is a way for you to book more clients and share in the revenue you bring to Glide.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the program. We’re just getting things off the ground, so please share your feedback, ask questions, and let us know if you find any bugs or areas of improvement.

Program Overview

The Partner Program consists of Experts and Agencies at this time. Whenever we refer to the “Partner Program” or “Partners” we’re talking about both of these groups.

The goals of the program are to grow Glide adoption across all customer segments and offer a generous revenue-sharing program with our Partners.

We want you to be able to build Glide apps full-time if you want to!

Revenue Sharing

The current incentive is 20% of the revenue from your client’s Glide Team.

All Partners will receive a revenue share for an indefinite amount of time as long as you are an “Active” Glide Partner. “Active” is defined as having engaged with one client per quarter. This is in contrast to Affiliates who only receive revenue sharing for one year. Partners will also get special incentives throughout the year.

The reason for the indefinite time period is for you to continue to work with and grow your clients. For example, a client with a Private Pro app might only spend $360 the first year, but if you work with them to add a second app or increase their number of users they could spend $720 in the second year, and you will double your revenue share.

We will also offer 10% of the annual contract value (ACV) for the first year for all Enterprise leads that are closed-won. Enterprise plans start at $6,000 but can go into the 6+ figures, so if you can land one of these it can be very lucrative. You can add services to these accounts as well.

Also, as part of becoming a Partner, your Affiliate link will also become indefinite, so anyone you sign up, who also purchases a subscription, even if they are not a client, will contribute to your revenue share, for as long as you are an Active Partner!

All incentives are subject to change over the course of the year as we dial in the program.

How revenue share is calculated

Your revenue share is calculated based on your client’s Team’s bill. This means that your clients must create a Glide account using your PartnerStack (PS) link for you to get credit for their account. We have a note on how to message this in the program details under the heading “Messaging Billing”, and more details on using your PS link.

We also made a nice /clients page where you can send you clients to sign up. Check it out: (just add /clients to the end of your Expert or Agency profile).

We cannot offer revenue sharing for apps that are in your own Team at this time.

What happens to the existing Experts?

If you’re already signed up as an Affiliate in PartnerStack, we’ll move you to a new “Experts” or “Agencies” group that has different incentives. Everything else remains the same.

New Partners

Head over to and read up on the different groups, and apply within the app, we’re excited to grow the community!

Community Experts

We’re moving Community Experts to the forum, as a forum badge. We greatly value our community and we encourage all Community Experts to apply to the Partner Program! If you do not already have the Community Expert badge, please send a message to @JackVaughan.

Agencies vs. Experts

Generally speaking, Experts are solo freelancers and consultants, and Agencies are a group of people who offer higher volume or a broader range of services.

We make the distinction as we will be running various campaigns for different customer segments (e.g. SMB, Midmarket, Enterprise) and the different groups have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to handling different client types. For example, a solo Expert might not be able to handle the volume and requirements of an Enterprise client, whereas a large agency might not be well suited to give the sort of attention needed to an SMB client.

We’ll have some flexibility around this as the program gets going.


Over the course of the year, we’ll be running various campaigns, such as lead sharing with certain geographies (e.g. Brazil, France, Spain, etc.), and one-time incentives (e.g. get a 50% commission for all clients closed in March). These are still to be defined, but we welcome your ideas to grow and expand the Partner community and Glide usage!

We’re also building customer stories, pitch decks, case studies, and other materials to help you pitch clients and get more business.

We want you to able to easily land clients and book up well in advance. Please let me know how we can best support you and what we can do to make this easier for you!


Points of contact:

  • @Ian - Main point of contact for the program
  • @iamtomgray - Main point of contact for the Glide Page and Partner Certification
  • @Sean_Martin - will take over for me in a month or so (I’m going on paternity leave :baby:)

That should be it! Please respond here with any questions. We’re excited to work with you to grow the program!


Great announcement. Thank you :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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I hope you will have further success with this initiative, which will give much more weight and responsibility to experts and agencies. I also hope that they will continue to help others as they are already doing this very well.
Good luck everyone…

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This is amazing. Love the thought that you guys put to develop this program, and I know it will be very successful!


Congratulations! I know this was a huge endeavor. I’m honored and excited to participate in this momentous occasion!



Looks very exciting @Ian - nice job

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Super excited to be part of it! Great job as usual team! :sparkles:

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Great work and very exciting news!

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Great program. Very happy to be a part of the Glide story and success :wink:
Indefinite incentive revenue is definitely a real added value for partner agencies !


Thank you, everyone! We have a lot planned for the year. I can’t wait to offer our first incentive campaign, likely next month.

Also, staging is down at the moment, so is down as well. We should have it back up tomorrow (and we’ll probably move this app off staging :sweat_smile:).

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Couldn’t agree more. Becoming a parent is huge. Congrats @Ian

PS. The Partner Program also sounds pretty cool :smiley:


Thank you! It’s our first, please send tips!


Tip number 1: Now is the time to start working on your power nap technique :wink:


:+1: Enjoy every moment…


Tip number 2: Ensure you master Tip number 1 before committing to offspring number 2


Tip 3: pretend you sleep when the baby wakes up at night :slight_smile:


Staging is back up! You can apply and manage your profile at


Tip 4.

Remember, the days are long and the years are short. Even though it will be rough to start, lean in and find joy in every single chaotic, sleepless, childish, moment. Every diaper change, every bath, every crying fit…pretend you love it and you will.


I would send you a tip but I’m saving for Enterprise :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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