Android GUI Issues

Hello Community,
I am preparing to release one of my mobile apps. I am having an issue with Androids where the GUI is not downloading to the home screen. Instead, it is saving to the homepage of their Google.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue currently?

Help would be appreciated!

Hola @Boomer_Rose

Do you have a video or screenshots of this?

@SantiagoPerez Here are screenshots from their second attempt.
The first attempt it saved to the google homepage row. The second it opens as desktop and does not give “add to home screen” option.


Do you know what brand, model, and version of OS this phone is?

Is this happening only on this phone or any others?

Also, does it happen with this app only?

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It is a Samsung Galaxy. 1 year old. I do not know the model exactly. She did, make sure her phone was updated to troubleshoot. It seems to be just this phone.

Clean- is the one opening in desktop version
Loremodus- saves to the google chrome browser homescreen.
It is almost as if it is bypassing her cell and going straight to the browser.

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Is that the phone’s built-in browser? Have they tried opening on Chrome?


Could we get the OS version?

Did they get the same results?

They did get the same result from the chrome browser. Except loremodus was saved to the browsers main page, in the list of other saved websites they visit

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Could this have to do with today’s update with the new Glide Pages platform coming into play?

As of right now it seems that it may be related to that specific phone.

Any idea of how to go about fixing it? Thank you for your help @SantiagoPerez


Please, send a ticket with all info and if possible, a video with