Am I having a peak of access less that 2k users or Glide is not working?

My app was working pretty good for the last 3 weeks. Today I appeared in a TV show and people are not getting login. Is it issue Glide or my app is not working.

I didn’t change anything.
After receive the PIN people is login but is not write their e-mails in the user table.
Anyone could help me?

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Make sure the column are a well selected in your user profile page.

I didnt make any change for the last 3 weeks but I’m gonna check.
Here is my onboarding screen

with this visibility

but it´s look like that as it´s not writing any new row the button doesnt show like this

the last page is online.
many many people are facing this.

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Hi @Alexandre_Caruso , sorry to hear of your situation. I’ll be following this thread as this is one of my biggest fears so hope your problem is solved quickly. I’m sure you did this already but did you email support? Good luck and saying a prayer for you.


Yes. but I don’t know what´s going on! I’m testing with me. After I insert the PIN receive, open this screen without any update on Google Sheet, I do not show the button which has any visibility rule. Why??
I´ve already replaced the source to the same GSheet file, but nothing happens!

Someone knows at what moment, after PIN insert the e-mail or new line should be added?

Perhaps because you’re getting a huge amount of trafic you may have to wait until your google sheet catch-up.



my friend, everything is like before. I can’t assure but after many simultaneous accesses today over 4k something disconnected

Yes, maybe u r right my friend. In the 1st time advice me to delete the script, avoid, array formula, many things.
Now the GS is totally simply, without script, array formulas and happens again.
The difference is that in the first time, the screen was black, now the new user acccess the first screen onboarding and it not showing the button.

I think that unfortunately you should wait a couple of hours until your sheet catch-up all the remaining lines.

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As @AymenM said, I fear this might be a case of an overloaded Google API sending rows to the Sheet. I had the same problem of the Sheet “not catching up” a few months ago, albeit it’s with a form with so many users simultaneously writing their answers to the Sheet at once.


Hi @ThinhDinh , do you think if your app had been built on Glide tables from the start, this “not catching up” situation could’ve been avoided? This is the main reason I started with GT tables from start as I anticipate a lot of traffic during specific days and times as they coincide with events.

Good question! I’m in the 3rd version but since the beginning while I complain about this, let´s say “disconnection” nobody suggested it. Good point.

Let me share the chart of app:logins


now it´s 12:39 am (GMT-3)

with 282 access the app doesnt update the Gsheet so far!
what I need to do to reconnect? pls! tomorrow I’m gonna receive thousands of msgs!

I´ve already made this question here! what´s the max of simultenous access this Gsheet support without any script or arrayformula?


Not sure if you know this but today is a holiday in the US, Memorial Day. Not sure if that’s part of the reason for delay but just letting you know.

EDIT: @Alexandre_Caruso - not sure if you thought of a worst case scenario contingency plan yet but as I tend to overthink things and come up with backup plans for almost everything, have you developed a Plan B? For example speaking for myself, we’re planning a big launch in about a month and if our app completely stopped working, I planned on changing the DNS to a backup page that explained how we’re a startup and due to the popular demand of unexpected traffic, our systems our down, in the meantime please leave your email and we’ll contact you when we’re back up and running. Helping you reach your goal is important to us and we value your relationship so we apologize for this inconvenience.

That way you can turn a negative into a positive while telling the truth to your community.

Good luck and hopefully the problem is resolved before morning tomorrow

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Yes, it definitely could have been avoided but sometimes you have to make the sacrifice to make your data available to external integrations, let’s say we run an Integromat scenario that checks for a formula column everyday to send some mails. That’s a no go with Glide Tables.

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hmm, we really need a FAQ topic that lists all the pros and cons of Glide Tables vs GSheets. Maybe a wiki topic so that multiple users can contribute?


I support @Darren_Murphy!


I’d also appreciate a FAQ on this. This is maybe my 2nd or 3rd week of using Glide and while I love the platform, community and the team are cool guys, this is the 3rd situation I’ve heard of during the short time I’ve been here where someone got a huge PR boost to bring in tons of traffic only for something to not work as planned. The common theme has been Google sheets.

Awesome! 1st I don’t know about the holiday. I’m from Brazil. And u were perfect. This is exactly what happened with me unexpected traffic. I advise u if I could, this app with Gsheet doesn’t support it. The plan B is to go to a real SGDB or database MySQL, Postgres, sth like that.
I don’t trust anymore. The app is become known here, for example, the biggest news will interview me, probably another headache with people accessing. I give up!

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Is it possible to convert a Gsheet to a Glide Table? Is this the recommendation here? no?

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