🆕 All-new Glide Pricing

You can just downgrade, and upgrade. There is no more transferring anymore.

Day 1: You upgrade an app to Basic—you will be charged $12.
Day 2: You downgrade that app to Personal — your account is credited $11.60
Day 2: You upgrade a different app to Basic — you are charged $11.60 from account balance ($0 additional due)

This also means you can transfer subscriptions into the future, or even effectively pause them by downgrading and upgrading.

@darder I covered this in the post:

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Maybe Glide would consider using some kind of domain-based user filter to separate corporate use from public use needing privacy functions.

ie. 500 users with the same email ending of ibm.c-m or corporationxyz.c-m would be treated differently in pricing from an app with 500 random addresses.

They could even set it up on the honour system so they don’t need to vet each one, but still bill or cut off those that abuse it. It would mean creating two more plans or noting below the current ones “Not using this for a business? Contact us for consideration.”


I really like the “Not using this for a business?” idea. Or “Does your community product need whitelisting? Let’s chat!”

This is a great idea! Unfortunately we have to try to keep the explanation simple… Creating special cases and honor systems and admin overhead for us is not smart for as at this time.

So, we tried this — suddenly everyone is not a business!



I see.

I think we all must read again your initial post :wink:.

I was wondering about paying for a Basic anual plan and use transfers when debugging apps out with few testers before final launch, but prorated plans are ok even being a little more expensive as you pay for month price not annual. At the end it could be cheaper for customers depending of how you do it.

Well I have until until next May to see if any of this will really hurt what I’m trying to do with a product that is certainly very shoe-string indie. I suppose you guys will keep a close watch on how this new pricing is received and whether you need to course correct. It’s certainly assuring seeing your close attention to this thread. Tells me you really want to get this right. I commend you

@Les_Henderson @david wouldn’t this mean that Glide is reading our users data? Isn’t that a security issue?

Prorating also works with annual plans.

Day 1: You upgrade an app to Basic Annual—you will be charged $108.
Day 2: You downgrade that app to Personal — your account is credited $107.70
Day 2: You upgrade a different app to Basic Annual — you are charged $107.70 from account balance ($0 additional due)


I’m really sorry @david too many questions. But…

Does that means I can use an annual Basic plan in more than a year period or it would end working 365 days after the initial purchase? If so it’s just a different process but, at the end, a similar thing that transferIng, right?

Know what I mean? :grinning:

All the people following this thread deserves a “Glide Pricing Expert” Badge! :joy::joy::joy:

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@darder you are my pricing grasshopper — I am teaching you the ancient wisdom and folly of Glide pricing so you can pass it on to your future disciples.

No, we do not automatically stop charging you and shut your app down. Glide is a subscription service, meaning that you pay continuously for periods of usage until you cancel.

We try to explain all of this when you actually upgrade in Glide:

I encourage you to try yourself! You can access new pricing early by creating an org if you’d like.


:joy::joy::joy: I’ll do try.

I chose glide because of it’s potential to make money. The per user pricing makes it WAY too expensive. This means that for a simple app I will have to make at least 2$ a user A MONTH.

Goodbye small businesses and smaller apps.

Really really disappointed in the per user high pricing. The whole reason glide became big was the interesting pricing.

Next (private accessible) project will probably not be glide!! :pensive:

Basically I am curious what pricing you can offer for a sport competition app aiming at 200 to 5000 private user in the coming years.


Ok. Some more pricing questions:


Can I clarify that these are now merely folders within which you can hold your apps e.g. a folder for live customers, a folder for demos and a folder for ideas? There are no commercial conditions or other constraints attached? They are just for “organisation”. If so, when does this kick off? October 1st?


Can I clarify what you actually get for the $99 pcm? I think it’s the ability to create unrestricted apps i.e. Private Pro but only to demo to potential customers? If so, at what point is the demo deemed to have completed? e.g. if a customer trials a solution is that still a demo? This is not clear to me.


How about introducing a “demo licence”. This would essentially be a free month of use, with all features included (i.e. Private Pro) BUT limited by rows, maybe 200 or even 100. Something simple. It would then give businesses in my position the ability to build, demo, tweak and demo again, for a month max, in order to get new customers onboard. Crippled in terms of capacity but fully functional in terms of features?


That was my immediate first reaction too. However it’s just worth checking that you can’t configure your app to use Public with Email rather than Pro for users that are not “admin”. I was able to do this in pretty much all of my use cases with a few tweaks to tab visibility.

Thank you for being so understanding with so many questions. I have read countless of them and I need to ask you. I have an app that is open to the public and does not need email to log in and an adm app with 5 users who need login and permissions for changes, so the amount you would pay is for 5 users plus monthly subscription? I add that just like Glide is helping me to develop a business, that this can also bring good business for you. I am glad that they are having fairness in dealing with large companies that fail to pay 100,000 to pay 19.00 It doesn’t really apply. Courage David to continue responding and considering each important question.

Nice to increase prices, but… what about deeplinks, or just url pages to share… and analytics… for 9$ plan… cause paying is cool, but at the end, if its to have less than with the competitors… i don’t see the point really…