🆕 All-new Glide Pricing

Today we’re releasing all-new pricing for Glide to make apps more affordable for individuals, to make Glide’s pricing easier to understand, and to price Glide more appropriately when used privately by businesses.

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This is a major rework of our pricing and billing system, so only new customers will see the new pricing at first. Existing customers will keep the current system, then migrate gradually. Existing customers also have some great options, including the option to keep their current prices for another year.

We hope for and expect this to be the most disruptive change we make to our pricing for a long time. There are many moving pieces, but at the end of the transition, our customers will have more pricing options, more control over their subscriptions, and a better Glide experience. Thank you for your patience.

Renaming “Free” to “Personal”

Most people use Glide for free, and we always want a generous free tier so that anyone can turn their idea into an app. We’re renaming “Free” to “Personal” to suggest that the free version is intended for personal use; if you’re using Glide commercially, we would prefer that you upgrade to a paid plan.

Introducing Glide Basic

We’re introducing a more affordable tier between Personal and Pro. Glide Basic starts at just $9/mo when paid yearly, offering 5,000 rows of data and more power than free apps. This lowers Glide’s base monthly price by 60%, making powerful apps more accessible.

Raising Pro’s Price

We’re raising Pro’s price to make prices more consistent across the board. A Pro app is now $32/mo when paid monthly (+10%), and $24/mo when paid yearly (+26%)

Private apps are now priced per-user

With our previous pricing, a small business with a private app for 50 workers paid the same as a billion-dollar corporation with an app for 5,000 employees (these are both real examples).

Private apps (i.e. password and email allow list) are now priced per user. In many cases, this will make private apps more affordable—for example, a Private Basic app with 25 users costs less than our previous monthly Pro subscription. We think the many small businesses using Glide will appreciate this.

Plan changes are now prorated

Each Glide account now has a single subscription, so when you upgrade, downgrade, or change an app’s plan, you will only be billed for the time remaining before your next renewal date.

For example, if you upgrade to a monthly plan halfway through the month, you’ll only be charged for half a month. Similarly, if you downgrade a monthly app halfway through a month, you’ll get credit for the second half of the month. This means you don’t have to carefully transfer subscriptions between apps anymore—you can simply upgrade and downgrade apps, and proration and credits will make sure you get what you pay for.

You have more control over your plans

Our new Billing preferences let you upgrade, downgrade, change plans, move from monthly to annual, and more:

Organizations are now simpler and free to use

Previously, Glide Organizations offered unlimited private apps for $8/user. Organizations also had some confusing limitations—you could not create any free apps within an org, or pay annually. Many customers told us that they did not understand orgs.

Today we’re completely reinventing Orgs: they are now just folders for your apps, to which you can add unlimited collaborators for free. If you want to collaborate on apps—even Personal apps—just create an Organization and invite people to it.

This new unified pricing & billing system will also help us simplify moving apps to/from/between orgs.

Transition Details

What happens to existing Pro apps?

Existing Pro apps will not need to convert to new pricing until the later date of:

  • Your app’s next renewal date
  • December 1, 2020

After that, your app will continue to work but you will need to convert to the new pricing before making any changes to your app.

30-day Grace Period

We know that many of you are building businesses on Glide, reselling or building apps for clients. We’re giving existing customers a 30-day Grace Period to buy apps at our previous pricing.

During the Grace Period, you can also switch existing Pro subscriptions from monthly to annual, or renew your annual subscription, to keep your current pricing for another year. You will be able to make these changes in your billing settings on Tuesday, September 8.

The Grace Period ends October 1, 2020. At this point, new apps must use the new pricing, and you will no longer be able to transfer Legacy Pro subscriptions between apps.

What happens to existing Org apps?

We are retiring our special Organization pricing (unlimited apps) for now, and standardizing pricing between My Apps and Orgs.

Existing Organizations customers can publish new apps with our original Organization pricing until October 1, at which point new apps will use the new pricing.

Org apps on the old prices can keep those prices until September 1, 2021. After that point, you will need to choose a new plan to make changes to your app.

You can upgrade to the new plans at any time, which now include annual payment options and a lower-priced Basic tier. We also have new, lower per-user prices, under $1 per user per month when paid annually.

Please schedule a call with David if you have any questions or concerns.

New Pricing Timeline

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2020
    • New pricing goes live for new customers
    • Grace Period begins; existing customers can still purchase with previous pricing, renew their subscriptions, or upgrade from monthly to annual to keep their current pricing for another year.
  • Thursday, October 1, 2020
    • All customers get access to the new plans and prices
    • Grace Period ends; all new apps use the new pricing and Legacy Pro subscriptions become non-transferrable
  • Tuesday, December 1, 2020
    • Legacy Pro apps that renew after this point become read-only in the builder. You must pick a new plan to make changes to your app, but it will continue to work.
  • Wednesday, September 1, 2021
    • Legacy Org apps become read-only in the builder. You must pick a new plan to make changes to your Org app, but it will continue to work.
  • Friday, October 1, 2021
    • By this point, all Legacy Pro apps become read-only in the builder. You must pick a new plan to make changes to your app, but it will continue to work.

If you’re a current customer and you have questions or concerns, please contact support.


@david Will Pro apps still have the ability to have email whitelist users? To control who can sign into our apps?

Specifically, does the pricing change impact this area of the PRO app:
glide privacy

@_eric this feature is not going away, but it is being charged per user in the new pricing.

Existing Pro apps, or Pro apps you upgrade during the grace period, will still have the old Pro pricing.

@david so basically if I have a users tab. Under the new pricing, I will be billed per user?

The user tab originally was to control login restrictions. So is that now being transitioned over to whats called a Business app?

Anything that is listed in PRO (under the new pricing) will not have the ability to control sign in options, am I understanding this correctly?

If I have an app with many users lets say a public app but with user profiles and things of the sort… which app pricing does that fall under?

@_eric if you use Public or Public with email sign-in options, that’s a Public app with public pricing.

If you use Password or Email Allow List, that’s a private app, with private pricing.

There is no such thing as a “Business app” — this is not mentioned anywhere.

@david Ok… I think I am understanding it better.

So under the PRO tier, I will still have the ability to require user sign in, however I will not be able to use the white list feature or the password feature?

Apologies for all the questions. This is a big change so just need to make sure this change is inline with our business needs long term.

@_eric that’s exactly right. If anyone can sign into your app, it’s Public. If you limit who can access your app, it’s Private. Just because someone signs into your app, does not make it Private. We all sign into apps like Instagram—those are not private apps.


@david Understood. Will I have the ability to control when my app is live? Clearly, I do not want people logging into my app freely without it being finished. Which is why the password or email whitelist feature was useful.

There needs to be some kind of stop gap or protective measure in place before an app is live.

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@david This is Great. Can existing customers upgrade to the new tier prior to October 1st. The basic plan is exactly what I am looking for for an already created app.

@_eric Personal apps can also use password, but they only allow one user at a time.

Hi @david will the basic plan offer some design
“Pro” features or just more rows, file storage and cheaper transaction fees?

@david Perfect! Thanks so much for all the answers.

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I think we will bring more features to Basic and Personal, but for now everything included in Basic can be found here: https://www.glideapps.com/pricing

So an org with 2 apps (25k rows) and just one user is paying now 8 month. With the new pricing in the same configuration will be 2 x 20 users minimum x 2 apps = 40 $

So passing from 8 to 40. 5x. Right ? Hope no.

@David and Team - This is bold. Will take some time to digest. Wishing you luck in the days ahead. I’m certain you’ll be inundated.

Heads up: A change from 100 zaps/mon to 10 is needed on this page for the Free tier.

General questions re: PRO:

  • Still no way to track file storage, correct? Just an email heads up from Glide I believe?

  • “Sheet edit” is now “Sheet reloads”? May be confusing that in Glide’s interface, it’s labeled “Sheet edits” (my assumption based on the jump from 500 to 100 in FREE tier).

My interpretation of impact to PRO

  • The only addition is shared drives

  • NEW Private Basic & PRO = Whitelist and password, minimum 20 users regardless of whether or not they exist.

Do I have this right?

Unfortunately, that’s correct, although you can keep that same price for one more year. We are doing away with unlimited app pricing for $8/user for now, as it says in the announcement.

Yes, we will make that name change soon.

File storage tracking is coming soon! We are working on it.

Yes, you have the changes to Pro right. We just separated pricing between Public from Private. So, there is no more unlimited private users for a fixed price, for example.

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Thanks for your answer @david . I see the full package now. Basic plan it’s a good intermediate option. I was asking more specifically about design capacities for new Basic plan , for example, web view which is now restricted to Pro plans.


I understand. There are no design changes for now.

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