Admin or other support for glide

Is there ANYONE on here that can LOOK into my account issues or problems? I HAVE EMAILED SINCE SATURDAY and I have received ZERO support. At this point, I am unable to create a column without a 15 min lag period. My sheets contain minimal data. ANYONE?

There’s an issue that has been reported with this. However, if you add a column, or any information on your spreadsheet, make sure that you refresh the app

Yes, APP refreshed, recreated sheets, reconfigured, etc.

Is this the issue?


And I am searching for alternative to GLIDE. I have spent hours trying to fix this and I have a working APP and then BOOM…nothing.

@Pablo_Miguel_Martine Unless there is another way to refresh app…I have PRO version and have “refresh on edit and while using” And I manually reload the sheets. Is there something else I should be doing? Like I am overlooking?

When that thing happens where you are unable to edit columns in the Glide Data Editor, it can sometimes take a full browser refresh to get things going again.
I know, it’s frustrating, and it’s been affecting a lot of us. But I believe a fix is on the way.

You mean like “refresh the sheet” and “refresh the app” and “refresh chrome?” Or is there something else I need to do?
The ability to edit is a hit or miss. @Darren_Murphy

I mean refresh the browser. If you’re using Chrome, then yes, refresh Chrome.

@Darren_Murphy Yes, I have done this. I also log out and log back in after a few minutes. I close the browser sometimes and then try again to no avail.

Yes, I understand. But I’m afraid there isn’t much else I can suggest. In my own experience I’ve found the issue to be intermittent. Sometimes it will work fine for hours, and at other times it happens with every new column that’s added. I’ve already expressed my own frustrations with this, and I know that Glide are aware of the issue. It’s just a matter of being patient - I’m sure they’ll get it sorted out sooner rather than later.