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Hi. I spend some time figuring out, how to create a form with a large, visible “Submit” button in the bottom, not a tiny link in the top right corner. I found four (!) feature requests for that, some of them with long discussions, but not a single clear instruction. So I feel an urge to write one.

Unfortunately, I am new to this community, so I have no right to post to the “Tutorials” category. This is why I am posting in here, hoping that - if you find it useful - you will repost it as a separate topic.

Most of the hints below were first suggested by @ThinhDinh here, but they are spread between several comments and very brief. Also, a few important steps were missing, so I had to figure them out myself.

How to create a form with a large, visible “Submit” button

  1. Don’s use a “Form Button” component. Use any other (like regular “Button”) with a “Link to screen” action (select it in the “Features” tab in the component settings). For “Data”, enter the sheet, where the input data should go.

  2. Open the “Data” interface from the left menu. Go to the sheet you entered before and make two sets of columns there for each of the input fields. The first set should be regular columns, the other - user-specific columns. For example, for the “Name” text input, make two columns - “Name” and “Name Input”.

    (You can’t do it in the Google Spreadsheet, so use the Glide’s “Data” interface - click “Add column” in the top right corner, select the column type and check the “user-specific” box.)

  3. Return to the “Layout” interface and add whatever input fields you need from the component menu. Make sure, that you always enter user-specific “input” columns in the “Data” section of the input settings.

  4. At the bottom of the screen (or wherever you want it) place a regular button. In the button settings, go to the “Features” tab and select “Custom action” from the actions menu. This opens the action setting interface. Add three steps to it (the sequence is important).

  • “Add row”. Select your sheet, and next to the column names select the corresponding user-specific columns (e.g. “Name” - “Name Input”). If you have user’s accounts, you may also want to record the ID of a submitting user to a special column.)

  • “Set columns” - use “this item” for “Row” (it’s the default setting), then for each user-specific column set a “Clear value” action. (If you miss this step, next time the same user enters the form he or she will see the values that were entered last time.)

  • Any action that should be performed after that submission. In my case, it’s “Navigate to tab”, but could be “Link to screen”, or “Show notification”, or both.

    Give your custom action a name in the top right corner, and save it.

You’re all set!