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Say hi to the community. :wave:t3: Tell us about yourself - where are you from, what are you working on and what do you hope to do with Glide? :slight_smile: Please use this category for general introductions. If you have questions or are experiencing issues, please try one of the other categories.


Hi! Can you please tell me how can I share my apps?
I have recently joined this community?
I have created a COVID 19 Tracker App?

Hi Everyone!

I am a software engineer from Toronto, Canada. Learned about Glide just two months back. Have been trying a few templates and building apps. Currently working on an app for a client that is a community social media posting app. Enjoying the journey so far. Kudos to the Glide team for creating such an interesting platform. Looking to build more and Glide along.


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Hey, can you tell me how can we make the users post images like we do in normal social media platforms?
Can you please guide me. I am a beginner.

Hi Khushi,

Image Picker component would allow you to let the users to upload the images. You can have a media_link column which will be pointed to as the User Input for the picker.

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Let’s use this category properly. Shall we?

Hello Glide Community!

I’m Joey hiding by the name SeekFirst. :smile: I’m from the Philippines. I’m working on some app templates for now as I glide my way in learning Glide. :slight_smile: I hope to build Glide apps that could generate additional income or potentially a business out of it. :wink:

I want to take this opportunity to say, Thank you Glide for making it easy to make beautiful apps! God bless! :pray: