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@Mark @Robert_Petitto @david

Everyone else,

Has anybody tried the actions live yet?

I changed a form button to an add row action. It works well on the editor but when students were using it live, it would take the items off their inventory making it impossible for them to using them. It seems to reset itself after a few seconds.

I reversed to using the form button again because of that.

I have seen something similar happening in another app where the actions work well in the Editor but not live.

Could you please make a video of what’s happening, and share a support code?

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Give me a couple of minutes while I make a copy of the app and change the form to actions again, please!

Edit: Here’s the video

Here is a video that shows how navigating to a tab action, when there is only one tab, it is not working.
Support is informed.

I also posted this a few days ago.

@Mark Is this related to the issue I’m experiencing with the Add Row maybe?

OMG OMG OMG this add row is super powerful, indeed! OMG!

I think I am going to add all these latest stuff to my idiots guide…needs a revisit if i can fix it!

We actually don’t even need forms anymore…an example is…A wants to clock into work…we navigate him from his dashboard to a link screen which on visit populates his work log form…OMG!

Exactly. You’ll only need to use forms when you need to have users enter information and (for now) pass values from the user profiles sheet.

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Exactly! Robert this is way too super cool. I remember when user profile was rolled out, I was like it’s hideous, and now my whole existence is around User profiles. This is way too good to be true. I can’t believe our luck. I guess all future apps need good planning from the word go as I think for these really to work well we need loads of tabs instead of screens. Then we can really exploit the features.

Here’s another video of both the live app and the Glide editor side by side.

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Add Row not working will be fixed by Tuesday. Apologies.



How about this:
🆕 Actions! ⚡⚡⚡

I just tested it and it keeps doing the same thing.

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Great looking app :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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@Robert_Petitto has helped me a lot with his tutorials and or post in the forum.


Happy to help

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Hello team,

I’m using Increment as an action behind a Phone button, but it only works if I click the button through the App Builder. When I do it through e.g. my phone it doesn’t work.

Any hints?

Thanks a lot!

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I have the same problem.

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Hello, @Mark how are you,

Yesterday I was working on an APP, I had finished two screens from an action button with three conditions, tested it on my Iphone and everything was ok, but a few minutes later, the actions disappeared and I lost almost 1 hour of work.

Was this supposed to happen? Or did I do something wrong?


João Paulo

Hi Joao, we fixed some actions bugs yesterday. Can you retry again? Sorry about this.