About the Certified Glide Courses category

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In this category, you can find a list of Certified Glide courses. These are accredited courses that have been assessed and approved by the Glide team.

What makes Certified Glide courses different?

  • Glide-certified courses have been reviewed for quality and assurance.
  • These courses are curated to help you take your Glide learning to the next level :rocket:

What are the perks of doing a Certified Glide course?

  • When you complete one of these courses, you’ll become a Certified Glide Genius :medal_sports:
  • As a certified Glide Genius, you’ll receive a badge and certificate in recognition of becoming an advanced Glide user.
  • You’ll also qualify to join our Ambassador Progam, and you can apply to become an Expert.

Why is there more than one course listed?

  • We aim to provide a spread of options to help support as many community members as possible. People learn in different ways and prefer different styles of teaching.
  • You can browse the steadily-growing library of Certified Glide Courses to find the right fit
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Has anything been added to this category? Glide accredited courses?

I see @grumo course - is this the first one?

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We’re moving to new Glide Docs over the coming weeks. We’ll look to get it updated there too. Thanks, @MattLB.

cc @JackVaughan

I was interested in finding these courses…where can I find them?